A Little bit of Bryan History

Read everything before starting
Everyday  we go past places that have so much history and stories to tell! A few of those places are on the school bus routes that our kids see everyday on their way to and from school. Those places tell the story of how community members, joined together in unity to make extraordinary things happen. We hope you enjoy learning about those who came before us and left their mark in our town! But this is only a little bit of the history of our great town! Enjoy & have fun!
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To submit an entry form you must print your own copy. Click below to print an entry form. If you have limited printing options, you may print out a copy of the entry form at the Clara B. Mounce Public Library. The librarians are happily awaiting to help anyone who may need help :). We love them so much!
Teachers, we hope you enjoy the field trip option!
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******The information in this project was compiled by Joleen O’Dell of The Carnegie History center who gave freely of her love and knowledge to gather the information needed for this project from archived records housed at the Carnegie History Center. Final edits were made by Joleen and  I Heart Bryan founder & CEO, Fabi Payton. It is NOT a complete history, thus the name “A Little Bit of Bryan History.” It was designed in hopes of sparking curiosity in our kids to want to know more. We realized early on that so much of our history is oral and not recorded, yet. We have met many people who hold so many pieces of information or objects that could be vital to our children knowing more about who and what made our town what it is today. We hoped this project would start the conversation of gathering all that history or artifacts. If you notice information missing or being incorrect please visit Carnegie History Center. We pledged early on to make this a living document. ******

A Little Bit of Bryan History Scavenger Hunt

Go from one location to the next using each address listed. Read the “Did you know?” on location or enjoy watching the video of a local community member reading it to you through the Halo AR app, if you have an iPhone. Answer each question and record it on the entry form. Once done with each location, submit it at one of the entry locations for a prize. Prizes were graciously provided by the City of Bryan Youth Services Department. A HUGE thank you! Thank you also, to BTU for the prize contribution!

A Little Bit of Bryan History Scavenger Hunt: Field Trip Option

Below is the link to all relatable TEKS for district field trip requests. The order of the locations can be done according to the teacher’s preferences and plans. The scavenger hunt takes approximately 2.5 – 4hrs to complete depending on reading speed and chosen route. Please account for more time depending on age and size of group. Teachers must contact each location to coordinate a private entry or tour. Details of which locations you will have to call and contacts are in the linked document. Please check the current hours for the hours of open locations before planning your trip. If you choose to go to Martin’s for lunch, you won’t be disappointed but give them a call in advance so they can prepare for a large number to come at once.
*This is a living document. The most updated & functioning link can be accessed on this site. Changes CAN and WILL be made*
*We want to encourage reading through the use of this project. Therefore videos were designed to help and not be the main avenue to gain the brief history of each location.*